19 years ago our staff decided there was specific need for the expertise in personal and executive protection in the political and entertainment industry. We established an elite team of trained professional agents who have formed Bodyguardforhire.com.

Our agents have extensive military and government backgrounds in Secret Service, Special Ops, Special Weapons Details, Law Enforcement Agencies and Martial Arts.

Terrorist attacks both within the United States and worldwide, as well as a rapidly rising crime rates underscore just how important it is to have a professional security and protection agency responsible for your safety.

Bodyguardforhire.com knows that a security organization is only as good as the quality of the staff. We pride ourselves on the diverse and highly skilled background of our security specialists and investigators. We also promise our complete commitment to the safety and comfort of our clients.

High profile individuals in all walks of life are targets for those who seek notoriety, financial compensation, or political leverage for their given cause. Bodyguardforhire.com has extensive experience designing a protection plan customized to meet the needs of each individual so that they can maintain a normal lifestyle yet maintain their individual and group security.

State-of-the-art armored luxury vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and yachts are available. Private and personalized transportation is available from any airport or marina and can accommodate individuals or groups as necessary.

Security as well as comfort is our top priority. Click HERE to contact us today.